Poems Tell The Story

Poems written by my daughter, Grand Sons, and Step Grand Daughter and a war hero.The poems relate how their lives have been affected by their life’s circumstances and consequences.

My Daughter Melody wrote “The Father that wasn’t there.” I didn’t realize I wasn’t there. I was off involved in my three tours in Vietnam. A Grandson who wanted to be a pilot like both his Grandfathers but was wounded in the Iraq War and never saw his dream come true. Lyly. Another Grandson, Samuel, who fought with the demons of dependence. A step Grand Daughter, Nicole at 11 years old analyzed and knew what the Vietnam War was all about. Another contributor was a highly decorated Vietnam war hero, Pete.

This book is dedicated to Brigadier General Borling. The General wrote Taps on the Wall about the men who were in captivity in the Hanoi Hilton and communicated with each other. He was a POW in the Hanoi Hilton for six and a half years. He contributed several of the poems he = wrote while he was a prisoner.