The Propinquity Effect
The Propinquity Effect, How Relationships Have Enhanced My Life
This book discusses how the propinquity effect Enhanced my life. The book is dedicated to Dr. Ron Turco who also wrote the forward to the book. Twenty One years ago Dr. Turco suggested that I become a Vocational Expert Witness for Social Security Disability. I became certified and it opened up a whole new career. That was 21 years ago and 18,000 cases ago and an untold amount of money earned.

In another friendship that led Dr. Schmitt to apply for Veterans benefits. Suffering from hearing loss and dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder he finally applied for and received benefits. I was urged to apply by Kevin Withrow, The Biomechanical Engineer for The Veterans Hospital.

The Propinquity Effect which means closeness and nearness was at its utmost in Vietnam. The Pilots, Door Gunners and Crew members of Detachment One became as one as we fought the War in Vietnam. When we flew together we knew what the other one was thinking and were a well orchestrated machine. We all managed to take care of one another, literally saving one another’s life.

Because of the Propinquity we all cam home alive

The book describes numerous relationships. These relationships enhanced my life, taught me a lot and enriched my life experience.