A War With No Name

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, A Survivors Story. This book chronicles Dr. Art Schmitt’s three tours in Vietnam.

The Man I Didn’t Know

The Stories of Wives and Families of Veterans Who Suffer from PTSD. This book written by Dr. Schmitt, a Psychologist who is in treatment …

We Thought We Were Invincible

This book deals with heroic actions by service men and women who served in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Propinquity Effect

The Propinquity Effect which means closeness and nearness was at its utmost in Vietnam. The Pilots, Door Gunners and Crew members..

Stress Management for Executives and Real People


The technique can be used effectively by executives or real everyday people to enhance your everyday life. The techniques can enhance your everyday living habits and help to reduce your levels of stress.

Poems Tell The Story

Poems written by my daughter, Grandsons, and Step Granddaughter and a war hero.The poems relate how their lives have been affected by their life’s circumstances and consequences.


Post Traumatic stress Disorder A survivors story. This book categories stories into the areas which helps show the impact wars have had on our fighting forces.


Eyes to the Sky

The author’s first thought of becoming a pilot was at age 15. Thereafter, the book follows his career when he obtained his naval aviator wings through his life in the sky.  The stories relate his flying experiences around the world.

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Dr. Art Schmitt

Dr. Art Schmitt was born in Brooklyn, NY. During the Vietnam War he served with Helicopter Attack (Light) Squadron Three.

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Reality Check For Responsible And Reliable People

The book takes the major theories of psychology and analyzes how they weave into A Reality Check for Responsible and Reliable people.

Executive Chaos

My Life in the Corporate World

This book deals the trial, tribulations and successes in the corporate world. The stories relate to the difficulties, the learning experiences and the humors experiences involved while the Vice President of Human resources of major coprporations. In addition the book goes through the experiences of being involved as a consultants with interesting large and small corporations throughout my careers.

I was honored to be asked by my good friend Commander Art Schmitt to write the foreword to his book, A War With No Name. As you will learn from reading this book, Art was a hero in war. He answered the call to the service of our great country very early in his life, and he subsequently completed three combat tours in Vietnam. He did so willingly while many others shirked from the responsibility. Now by openly relating his own personal struggles with PTSD, Art has once again become a hero. And he has done so in peacetime. I most sincerely wish that his candor will provide solace and hope for all who suffer from this very real affliction, as well to their family members who have stood by during so many difficult times and circumstances.
Art’s story is a real one. Many of his stories brought back for me memories long forgotten. To those of us young officers who found ourselves in the heat of battle literally weeks after being designated as new Naval Aviators, “Uncle Art” was a source of great strength, stability and trust. Of the 125 or so pilots in our squadron, over 100 were serving in their very first duty assignment. We were about as “green” as one could possibly be and yet we had to grow up very fast if we were to survive. Uncle Art took so many of us under his wing and showed us the ropes. He was a great mentor, leader and role model for us all. I was proud to call him my friend then, as I am proud to call him my friend now. This is his story.
Admiral Kevin Delaney

Margaret M Waddington MD (retired neurologist) said: Reading with fascination the varied stories of Invincible Warriors, I was struck by a common denominator, Courage, Trust, Integrity and Compassion, as well as a dab of Humor and a twinkle in the eyes. No less, Hope, Faith and Charity bind it all together.
Thank you for compiling the stories which are long over due.
many people have shared my life and helped me to become successful, and prosperous. The infinite wisdom of the people that I have come in contact with have given me wonderful gifts throughout my life.

United States Navy Commander Art Schmitt is a true
American hero, legend and warrior. He was respectfully
nicknamed “Uncle Art” by his sailors in South Vietnam. In 1970, Commander Schmitt was the “Officer in Charge” of HAL-3 Detachment 1, which was located deep in the Vietcong strongholds of South Vietnam. Commander Schmitt’s leadership style was simply to lead from the front and never ask his sailors to do anything he wouldn’t do or hadn’t done. Commander Schmitt was a “top gun” leader and helicopter pilot who had the well-deserved reputation of taking care of his gunners and pilots. Commander Schmitt never left friendly troops in harm’s way and never refused a mission, no matter how dangerous. He brought all of his sailors home, and, after thirty years, I would like to say thank you, Commander Schmitt, for bringing me home. “Eyes To The Sky, Dream Catcher, My Life In The Air” is a compelling story a must read. This book is about his flying career and his leadership while flying with the Sea Wolf helicopter gunships and their special missions.

Tom Olby